Children’s Dentistry

New Families and Growing Children

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New Families

Starting your children off on the path excellent oral health by introducing them to a dental environment at an early age.

At Lesniak Dental Group we recommend seeing your children for the first time as soon as the first tooth erupts (usually around 6 months), and no later than 3 years. At this visit in addition to a clinical examination is a education session for the new parents. This session will review the importance of establishing excellent oral habits, answer questions, and demonstrate techniques to optimize the oral health of your children.

Growing Children

Maintaining your growing children’s teeth is just as important as keeping your adult teeth in great shape. Cavities in primary teeth progress fast and can lead to infection and tooth loss. This can affect the permanent teeth coming in. The best way to avoid this is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

At Lesniak Dental Group, our goal of applying minimally invasive preventative care starts early. For your children, this involves regular cleanings and check ups, fluoride treatment, sealents, and optimizing home oral hygiene. Should a cavity develop, it is best to handle it when it is in small and can be predictably treated.