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Missing teeth can make your chin protrude forward, lower face collapse, and cheeks appear more hollow and sunken.  Your function and diet also suffers leading to malnutrition and its associated health consequences. If you are missing multiple teeth, a denture may be the option for you. Dentures can be a fine option for restoring your function and aesthetics.  When combined with implant placement, dentures can nearly restore your function to that of your natural dentition. See implant dentures for more information.

Depending on the number and location missing teeth, we can provide you with a variety of traditional, and implant supported removable denture options.  During your consultation, we will assess all of your options, review risks and benefits, provide cost estimates, and help you choose an option you will feel most comfortable with.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for those who are missing some, but not all of their teeth a few.  A partial denture can be used to replace these missing teeth, provide stability for your dental arch, and restore function lost by missing teeth.  Dental implants can be incorporated into a partial denture to aid in support, retention and stability of this removable prosthesis.  Without dental implants, partial dentures rely on the remaining teeth and soft tissue of anchorage and stability.  Partial dentures can be comfortable, aesthetic, and functional if time is taken to design and fabricate correctly.

Complete Dentures

Some patient require removal or have had previous removal of all their teeth due to multiple reasons including decay, and advanced periodontal disease.  A complete denture is often a starting treatment of lost hard and soft tissue.  Some patients adapt well to complete denture and are often aided by favorable denture supporting ridges.  Other patients lack this favorable ridge anatomy and will benefit from additional implant support.   In either case, at Lesniak Dental Group, we are well equipped to handle both traditional dentures, and those that are assisted by implants.